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About SFI

What is SFI ?

SFI (Strong Future International) Marketing Group is a network marketing company founded by President and CEO Gery Carson. SFI was started in 1998, with only one product servicing the United States. Over 10 years later, SFI is now a completely global business opportunity providing millions of products and services to over 190 countries.

If you’re looking to join a company with a proven and successful track record, there’s none like SFI. Both and men and women all around the world are building profitable internet businesses thanks to SFI’s unique and lucrative business model. SFI’s biggest strength is that they’re constantly evolving and growing to meet the needs of affiliates. This shows they care about their affiliates and who they represent.

With the introduction of the VersaPoints system, affiliates can join for free and earn a substantial income without investing any of their own money. This is one of the biggest differences that set SFI apart from other business opportunities. Because of this, SFI is the fastest growing company of its kind, with over 8,000 new affiliates joining every week.

SFI is also home to the famous International Association for Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE). The IAHBE is a one-of-a-kind resource for aspiring internet business entrepreneurs and is a perfect compliment to the SFI program.

SFI also has two sub-divisions: and
  • is the world’s largest advertising network and co-op powered by affiliates. You get paid for going about your normal day and getting seen. You can also gain sponsorship over new affiliates through the EyeEarn network.
  • is home to SFI’s product database, housing thousands of products found nowhere else on the web. Earn commissions by referring people to over one million new and used products from all around the world. You can also sell your own unwanted items on the site.
TripleClicks, in addition to thousands of products of its own is also a portal to more than 170 major, name-brand online stores representing millions of additional products and services. These stores are known as MaxMalls Merchants.

Benefits of joining SFI Marketing Group
  • Free to join
  • Extensive training materials
  • Live Support
  • SFI Discussion Board (Forum) – Get answers, tips and advice from other SFI affiliates.
  • VersaPoints system to encourage affiliates to stay active.
  • Complete Marketing Aides and Tools
  • Gift Certificate Program – Motivate your affiliates by giving them gift certificates to help move their businesses forward.
  • No purchase requirements. Can qualify for all ranks with just actions or combinations of actions and sales!
  • Fast front-end commissions (earn up to 72% of total Commission Volume on every customer sale* you generate!) PLUS lucrative, multiple, ongoing, residual income streams of up to 40% CV!
  • Unlimited earnings potential.
  • Thousands of commissionable products, with new products being added daily.
  • The MaxMalls Pool allows you to automatically share in the worldwide sales and purchases every month of every SFI affiliate…AND every TripleClicks customer!
  • Splash pages designed to maximize your referral and affiliate sponsoring efforts.
  • Prepaid MasterCard for direct payment of sales earnings, easy ordering at TripleClicks and other stores, and more.
  • Much More!
 How you earn money with SFI

  SFI’s compensation plan has nine components:
  • Customer commissions through sales generated at
  • Affiliate Overrides – When your personally sponsored affiliates purchase something from
  • Executive Overrides – When your personally sponsored affiliates generates a customer sale at
  • Co-Sponsorship Overrides – Earn on activities of the affiliates you’ve been assigned as the Co-Sponsor of.
  • MaxMalls Pool – 100% of the revenues SFI receives from MaxMalls each month goes into a special pool for top affiliates. Every month that you achieve a minimum of 1500 points, you’ll automatically receive one equal share of the pool.
  • Network Overrides – Create an income stream based on your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs). Network Overrides now take your income to a whole new level by allowing you to earn handsome commissions on the purchases and sales generated by affiliates sponsored by your PSAs and other affiliates in your organization.
  • LaunchPad Rewards – SFI sends you a special daily e-mail your first 30 days that contains a link to an exclusive, copyrighted LaunchPad™ getting-started training Website. Each of the 30 LaunchPad™ editions includes a simple, one-question quiz. Once you’ve completed all 30 quizzes, you’ll receive special LaunchPad™ Rewards.
  • VersaPoints Rewards – Each month, SFI awards cash and other valuable rewards to the top 200 VersaPoints earners of the month. Just be in the top 200 at the end of the month and you’re in!
  • Peak Performer Bonuses – Make the top 20 in any of SFI’s three Peak Performer Quarterly Contests (Top Sponsors, Top Sellers, or Top Builders) and you’ll receive one of many cash bonuses or prizes. 
The Bad Point of SFI
No matter what program or opportunity you look at, there’s always going to be drawbacks. That’s just a fact, and SFI is no different. This doesn’t mean that SFI can’t help you earn a part or full-time living on the internet, but there are some things you should be aware of.

  • Becoming an EA is much easier and quicker by earning the required amount of VersaPoints (1,500) each month via TripleClicks credits. Going this route would cost you 19.90 per month to stay an active EA. It’s entirely up to you if you want to spend any money initially. You can earn these points without investing any money, so I suggest doing the necessary tasks first before spending your hard-earned money. In the future, you may want to do so as things will be slow going at first. Once you’re bringing in a steady stream of affiliates and building your team, earning the necessary 1,500 VP will be much easier.
  • Many people are looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Since joining SFI is free, it attracts the types of people that don’t want to invest any time or money and expect to make it big over night. Don’t be surprised if you get bombarded with emails from your affiliates asking you why they’re not making any money. Then after explaining to them what they need to do, you’ll almost never see a single one take action. This shouldn’t discourage you, however. There are plenty of serious people ready to do what it takes – Focus on and help these people as much as possible.
  • The training material available is very good, and I recommend you go through it. However, I suggest you do some research of your own in order to become an effective marketer and take your internet business to the next level. There are many resources and tools out there that SFI doesn’t cover or provide.
  • It’s a fact that every affiliate who earns a full-time income from SFI has their own website. As a beginner, this isn’t necessary. But, if you’re serious about making SFI a profitable internet business, you’re going to want to invest in a website of your own at some point. Only you will know when the time is right, and you’re under no obligation to do so to earn a substantial amount of money from SFI.
  • Not everyone makes money from SFI. Some don’t make a single penny. SFI isn’t full-proof by any means, but there’s not a single business opportunity out there that is. 
Is SFI Right For You?
This is isn’t your ordinary review. If it was, I’d tell you that SFI is the greatest thing on Earth and that you need to sign up right away. However, I’d be flat out lying. Truth be told, SFI might not be right for you at all. Or rather, you may not be right for SFI. You see, SFI is designed in a manner that the system weeds out the slackers and freebie seekers. Rewards are given to those that take action.
If you’re passionate about building a long-lasting internet business from home, and you’re willing to put in the grunt work to see it through, then SFI is looking for somebody like you. And, SFI could just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for as well.
However, if you’re just another one of those freebie seeking, affiliate hopping, get-rich-quick, make money online wannabes, then I’m sorry to say that you’re in the wrong place.

 Have you made a decision?
At this point you’re left with two decisions: dismiss the SFI opportunity and decide it’s not what you’re looking for, or realize that SFI has everything you need to start building a profitable business on the internet.
SFI is what I devote a lot of my time in because it has proven to be reliable time and time again. That’s not to say I haven’t endured some hardships along the way, but patience and persistence pays off in the end.
I’m in the process of building a team of successful affiliates, and I’d love for you to join me. I offer my own personal free training in addition to SFI’s comprehensive training to assist affiliates in getting a quick head-start.
Do you want to start learning how to make money on the internet? Are you willing to take consistent action toward changing your life and creating a better financial future for yourself?
If you answered yes to either of those questions, then I would highly recommend SFI.

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